Himachal Government Teacher�s Union

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Aim and Objectives :

  • To promote and safeguard social ,economic, moral and cultural interest of the members of the union .
  • To protect professional interest of its members.
  • To seek professional growth of its members though the media of refresher courses ,seminars, publication, library services and research work leading to improvement in the standard of education.
  • To provide moral, legal and monetary assistance to its members in respect of the matters arising out or incidental to their employment.
  • To develop essential co –operation and understanding with other employees and labour unions/associations/federations for the further general interest of employee and working class to safeguard the wider cause of trade union movement in the state and nation as a whole.
  • To understand the importance of collective power
  • To understand the importance of having active numbers at the workplace level.
  • To clarify the difference between an organizing union and a serving union
  • To understand and apply the organizing model.