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President’s Message

Dear Members

Mr. Virender Chauhan

It will give me a great pleasure to welcome you all on the Himachal Govt. Teachers Union’s website. We hope that this site will help you better in understanding our activism as a union as well as our commitment towards the society and children. The HGTU has been a trusted union for our members for over 57 year of its journey. Today we value the foundation of that trust as we continue to address the problems of “the teacher & the taught”; that were central idea behind our foundation in 1957.

To exist we need your active involvement in the matters of union. Services that we offer are mainly forwarded by the members of the union in the interest of students and teachers, after thorough screening; the genuine problems are brought in the notice of The Govt. of H.P. and Department of Education. You have the right to be more demanding; whether we are taking about Para, PTA, Contract & I.P. Teacher’s policy and policy of Promotion & Transfer. Implementation of pay scale & pay grade including time scale of 4-9-14, service rules of education department and replacement of all non-regular appointments such as Para, PTA, Contract and outsourcing by a single word “regular appointment”.

It is becoming more & more stressful for me to work as state president of HGIU to reach up to the expectations of union’s member. To overcoming the challenges and dealing with the issues is equally stressful. But I will try my best so that fresh wind must blow across “students, teachers & society”, promising a new era marked by hope in place of despair , enthusiasm in place of stagnation and dynamism that would transform the entire education system ; is possible only then & then if we remain in touch with each other and must work together to be at the for front of this joint effort in order to promote the interest of all the teacher & the taught.

On the other hand, I request all the teachers ; the service you provide for the student is of utmost quality because you are the builder of nation and a nation will be great if the teachers and mothers are ideal. Teacher should be able to make sacrifice and he should know the needs of the country. India needs young men who may reform the society and remove differences and distinctions among the people.

However our work is far from over. There are many challenges ahead of us. We need your help & support in order to minimize the existing problems and maintain or improve your quality of life as well as future of students in the institutions. Help us to help you! You the members are the strength of HGTU. I am very pessimistic about the bright future of “Teachers, Taught & Society”, after all where there is life there is hope. This is my dream and this is my commitment.
Yours Sincerely
Virender Chauhan
State President HGTU